Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vintage Kenner Blythe

Kenner Blythe:

Kenner Blythe was the first version of Blythe that was sold in the US and not very successful. Even though my first impression of Blythe was not Kenner Blythe but I think it is a good idea for knowing the first version of Blythe that was produced and sold in the first period. I found the brief history of Kenner Blythe that I would like to share with my readers.
Kenner Blythe was produced by Kenner and designed by Marvin Glass Associates, which was the famous toy design studio in 1972. In the beginning, there were only 4 versions which were Blythe, Karess, Willow and Sky. These versions of Blythe were similar with Neo Blythe from Takara and CWC Blythe from Kenner Japan in term of changing eyes color, blue, pink, green and orange. Kenner Blythe came in four hair color and mixture of fashion that reflected the fashion of her time. Moreover, she had wigs in many cool colors, sunglasses and her own closet that you could store many things in such as her accessories, wigs, clothes, shoes, sunglasses and even her small necklaces.

In 1972, Kenner Blythe was distributed and sold around the world. In England, Kenner Blythe was sold and distributed by the British comapny named “Palitoy”. Kenner Blythe was also sold in Austria by the company name “Toltoys”. In Japan, AiAi Chan Blythe (the one on the previous post) was sold and distributed by Tomy. Many children were scared of her large head and changing eyes; Therefore, one year later she was no longer being produced. Most of Kenner Blythe dolls were in the clearance price in the toy stores until she disappeared from markets.


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