Friday, February 13, 2009

GiNa Garan

Who is Gina Garan?
If you are Blythe’s fans, you would probably hear the name of Gina Garan. She is the one who introduces Blythe dolls to the world. Have you ever wondered who she is and where she comes from? I would like to give you some information about her.
Gina was born in New York, USA. She is the oldest of four sisters in her family. She graduated from the Ardsley High school in New York. After she graduated from high school, she studied at Elizabeth Seton College. Her major was television and radio. As we have known that Blythe was sold in the market in 1972 and was not really successful because of her scary big eyes, which scare many kids. As a consequence, many children have never seen or familiar with Blythe, including Gina Garan. (
Although Gina has many dolls, which was produced in 60s or 70s, she has never known Blythe before until she moved to Manhattan and one of her close friend gave a Blythe doll to her on her birthday. That was the first time that she saw Blythe. She definitely fail in love with Blythe doll and she became the Blythe doll collector since then. Now she has over 200 original Blythe dolls.
Gina moved to a new apartment and she found the SLR camera that belongs to the pervious owner of the room; therefore, she began to take a photo of her Blythe dolls. In 2000, her first book “This is Blythe” was sold in American. And this book was attracting to many dolls collectors in American and Japan. Other books of Gina’s work are “Dear Blythe, Love Gina”, “Dear Blythe, Love Gina 2” (CWC Books), “Blythe Stlye” (CWC books).( )



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