Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Japanese Blythe Type

Japanese Blythe Type:
I hope that my readers have some ideas about Blythe dolls. There are many versions of the dolls and each version has its own specific details. Have you ever known that there are 4 types of Japanese Blythe, which are BL, EBL, SBL and RBL.? I would like to give you a brief information and some details on each type of Japanese Blythe.

1. BL-Type Blythe:
In 2001-2002, Neo Blythe dolls influenced on the fashion because they have similar bodies with Licca. The first six Neo Blythe dolls were different from any other dolls which were produced during the same period of time in term of eyes and skin. Neo Blythe dolls have softer skin. Their eyes are more shiny, such as BL-0 Parco Limited, BL-1 Mondrian and BL-2 Hollywood.

2. EBL-Type Excellent Blythe:
The year 2003 was the first anniversary celebration for Takara Blythe dolls. Takara introduced the new type which was Excellent Blythe to the market. This type was similar to the Kenner Blythe but the only difference was materials that are used to produce dolls. For example, Cinnamon Girl was produced by special plastic and resins, which make doll’s skin brighter and shinier. EBL-type are Miss Anniversary Limited, EBL-01 Bohemian Beat and EBL-02 Asian Butterfly .

3. SBL-Type Superior Blythe:
Launched in 2004, this type is similar to the original Kenner Blythe (1972) but the differences are some parts, such as eyes. Moreover, there are some changes in the back of the dolls. There are more parts built in the back side of the dolls in order for the dolls to have higher durability. For example, SBL-01 Superior Skate Date, SBL-02 Very Inspired by Pow Wow Poncho and ROK-EX Velvet Minuet (Korea Exclusive)

4. RBL-Type Radiance Blythe:
In 2006, Radiance Blythe were produced and sold to the market. The bodies of this type are like SBL and EBL but the only difference is the curve of eye-lids. An eye lid of this type is deeper and has dimension. For example, Last Kiss, Star Dancer, Yukinonamidahime and Ichigo Heaven / TRU Japan 15th Anniversary LE (TRU EX)

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