Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AiAi Chan Blythe

I hope that after you read my blog, you get some ideas of what is Blythe. Blythe's fans have already heard about Kenner Blythe. Original Kenner Blythes were produced in 1972. In 2002, Takara and CWC got the license from Kenner and produced their own version of Blyhte which was called Neo Blyhte. Have anyone known that in 1972, in Japan there was a version of Blythe that was sold as well as in America?

In 1972, the same year as Kenner Blythe were released in the U.S, there were "Mahou no Hitomi AiAi Chan" the Japanese Blythe version also marketed in Japanand licensed by Tomy Corp. Toy . The name of this Blythe means "The eyes of magic AiAi Chan".

The different between the AiAi Chan and Kenner Blyth are that eye-lids of AiAi chan are more glow and brighter than Kenner Blythe. And AiAi Chan's hair are softer than Kenner Blythe. In the back side of AiAi Chan Blyhte, there is the message said
“Blythe TM Kenner Products Cincincatti, Ohio 1972 General Mills Fun Group Incorporated Patents Pending Made in Hong Kong” which were 6 lines. On the other hand there were 7 lines in the back side of the Kenner Blythe. AiAi Chan Blythe's outfits and packing were completely re-designed. AiAi Chan were not popular because of the same reason with Kenner Blythe in the U.S. Many children were afraid of her eyes. Surprisingly,nowadays AiAi Chan is extremely hard to find and the price is very very expensive.


Aiai Chan

AiAi Chan : the original Japanese Blythe

AiAi Chan: Blythethailand


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