Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mitten by Blyhte

Mitten by Blythe: Anya Blythe and Mitten Puppy
I found something very interesting in this version of Blythe. Normally, Neo Blythe dolls and Petite Blythe dolls are sold separately from each others. For this version (Mitten by Blythe), when you buy Mitten Blythe (Neo Blythe) you will automatically get the Petite Blythe (named Mitten Puppy). This version is the only version that sells both Neo Blythe (Anya Blythe) together with Petite Blythe (Mitten Puppy)

CWC Limited Edition: Mitten by Blythe is the Limited edition. Only 3000 dolls were produced. It was designed by Mitten and CWC. It was released to the market in November 2004. You cannot find this version in the store because the only way you can get this doll is buying a draw ticket. The price of this version is between 570 to 715 USD.

The Character of Mitten by Blythe came from the Russia Animation, which is called Mitten. Mitten was directed by Roman Kachanov. Anya is the main character. She wants to have a puppy. The story creates the warm feeling to the audiences. It is the classic story. Anya Blythe has the same clothes as in the story. She has a blue hood, a gray coat, a red stretch pants and a red mitten. She has soft make up with the red cheek, and blonde hair.
In the box there is a Russian traditional costume, including a pink coat, a fur hat. She has special eye color which is deep blue. Petite Blythe Mitten Puppy is Anya’s imaginary pet. She has a red dress, black hair, and deep blue eyes. Moreover, she also has a Russia traditional costume, including coat and hat similar to Anya Blythe. There is a black puppy with white ears in the box. Mitten by Blythe is considered as the special and expensive version that is very hard to find. I think I should buy one and resell it in the future because I believe that the price will be higher in the future.


Blythedoll and Blythethailand

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Japanese Blythe Type

Japanese Blythe Type:
I hope that my readers have some ideas about Blythe dolls. There are many versions of the dolls and each version has its own specific details. Have you ever known that there are 4 types of Japanese Blythe, which are BL, EBL, SBL and RBL.? I would like to give you a brief information and some details on each type of Japanese Blythe.

1. BL-Type Blythe:
In 2001-2002, Neo Blythe dolls influenced on the fashion because they have similar bodies with Licca. The first six Neo Blythe dolls were different from any other dolls which were produced during the same period of time in term of eyes and skin. Neo Blythe dolls have softer skin. Their eyes are more shiny, such as BL-0 Parco Limited, BL-1 Mondrian and BL-2 Hollywood.

2. EBL-Type Excellent Blythe:
The year 2003 was the first anniversary celebration for Takara Blythe dolls. Takara introduced the new type which was Excellent Blythe to the market. This type was similar to the Kenner Blythe but the only difference was materials that are used to produce dolls. For example, Cinnamon Girl was produced by special plastic and resins, which make doll’s skin brighter and shinier. EBL-type are Miss Anniversary Limited, EBL-01 Bohemian Beat and EBL-02 Asian Butterfly .

3. SBL-Type Superior Blythe:
Launched in 2004, this type is similar to the original Kenner Blythe (1972) but the differences are some parts, such as eyes. Moreover, there are some changes in the back of the dolls. There are more parts built in the back side of the dolls in order for the dolls to have higher durability. For example, SBL-01 Superior Skate Date, SBL-02 Very Inspired by Pow Wow Poncho and ROK-EX Velvet Minuet (Korea Exclusive)

4. RBL-Type Radiance Blythe:
In 2006, Radiance Blythe were produced and sold to the market. The bodies of this type are like SBL and EBL but the only difference is the curve of eye-lids. An eye lid of this type is deeper and has dimension. For example, Last Kiss, Star Dancer, Yukinonamidahime and Ichigo Heaven / TRU Japan 15th Anniversary LE (TRU EX)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Petite Blythe

Petite Blythe:
Many people have the idea of Neo Blythe, what does she look like, but have you every heard about “Petite Blythe''? Let me give you some background of what is Petite Blythe.
Petite Blythe was produced in June 2002, which is the first year Anniversary of CWC and Takara produced the first version of Neo Blythe (CWC Limited Edition: Parco limited).
The major difference between Neo Blythe and Petite Blythe are size and eyes. The first difference is the size of the body. Neo Blythe is 22 inches whereas Petite Blythe is only 4 inches. Another difference between Neo Blythe and Petite Blythe is that Petite Blythe has only one eyes color, but Neo Blythe has four eyes colors, which can be changed by pulling the drawstring in the back of Blythe’s head. (BlytheThailand)

The first version of Petite Blythe was produced and sold in 2002, which was PBL Kozy Kape Inspired. There were 15 versions of Petite Blythe lunched at the time. These versions of Petite Blythe cannot close her eyes and cannot pose or do any gestures. I would say that this version of Petite Blythe was produced to be used as a key chain. In 2003, CWC introduced the new versions of Petite Blythe, which can pose and close their eyes. The first model of this new version was Holly wood Returns. There are joints on her arms and legs, which can help her to do some pose. In 2004, the perfect Petite Blythe was introduced in the market. This new versions are better than the earlier versions in term of the body and eyes. The most popular models are Perfect Rosie Red, Perfect Preisley Star and Perfect Asia Butterfly. In 2006, the new version of Petite Blythe, which was produced in this year, can change their shoes, such as Alps Letter and Skate Date Returns.


Friday, February 13, 2009

GiNa Garan

Who is Gina Garan?
If you are Blythe’s fans, you would probably hear the name of Gina Garan. She is the one who introduces Blythe dolls to the world. Have you ever wondered who she is and where she comes from? I would like to give you some information about her.
Gina was born in New York, USA. She is the oldest of four sisters in her family. She graduated from the Ardsley High school in New York. After she graduated from high school, she studied at Elizabeth Seton College. Her major was television and radio. As we have known that Blythe was sold in the market in 1972 and was not really successful because of her scary big eyes, which scare many kids. As a consequence, many children have never seen or familiar with Blythe, including Gina Garan. (
Although Gina has many dolls, which was produced in 60s or 70s, she has never known Blythe before until she moved to Manhattan and one of her close friend gave a Blythe doll to her on her birthday. That was the first time that she saw Blythe. She definitely fail in love with Blythe doll and she became the Blythe doll collector since then. Now she has over 200 original Blythe dolls.
Gina moved to a new apartment and she found the SLR camera that belongs to the pervious owner of the room; therefore, she began to take a photo of her Blythe dolls. In 2000, her first book “This is Blythe” was sold in American. And this book was attracting to many dolls collectors in American and Japan. Other books of Gina’s work are “Dear Blythe, Love Gina”, “Dear Blythe, Love Gina 2” (CWC Books), “Blythe Stlye” (CWC books).( )



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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vintage Kenner Blythe

Kenner Blythe:

Kenner Blythe was the first version of Blythe that was sold in the US and not very successful. Even though my first impression of Blythe was not Kenner Blythe but I think it is a good idea for knowing the first version of Blythe that was produced and sold in the first period. I found the brief history of Kenner Blythe that I would like to share with my readers.
Kenner Blythe was produced by Kenner and designed by Marvin Glass Associates, which was the famous toy design studio in 1972. In the beginning, there were only 4 versions which were Blythe, Karess, Willow and Sky. These versions of Blythe were similar with Neo Blythe from Takara and CWC Blythe from Kenner Japan in term of changing eyes color, blue, pink, green and orange. Kenner Blythe came in four hair color and mixture of fashion that reflected the fashion of her time. Moreover, she had wigs in many cool colors, sunglasses and her own closet that you could store many things in such as her accessories, wigs, clothes, shoes, sunglasses and even her small necklaces.

In 1972, Kenner Blythe was distributed and sold around the world. In England, Kenner Blythe was sold and distributed by the British comapny named “Palitoy”. Kenner Blythe was also sold in Austria by the company name “Toltoys”. In Japan, AiAi Chan Blythe (the one on the previous post) was sold and distributed by Tomy. Many children were scared of her large head and changing eyes; Therefore, one year later she was no longer being produced. Most of Kenner Blythe dolls were in the clearance price in the toy stores until she disappeared from markets.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AiAi Chan Blythe

I hope that after you read my blog, you get some ideas of what is Blythe. Blythe's fans have already heard about Kenner Blythe. Original Kenner Blythes were produced in 1972. In 2002, Takara and CWC got the license from Kenner and produced their own version of Blyhte which was called Neo Blyhte. Have anyone known that in 1972, in Japan there was a version of Blythe that was sold as well as in America?

In 1972, the same year as Kenner Blythe were released in the U.S, there were "Mahou no Hitomi AiAi Chan" the Japanese Blythe version also marketed in Japanand licensed by Tomy Corp. Toy . The name of this Blythe means "The eyes of magic AiAi Chan".

The different between the AiAi Chan and Kenner Blyth are that eye-lids of AiAi chan are more glow and brighter than Kenner Blythe. And AiAi Chan's hair are softer than Kenner Blythe. In the back side of AiAi Chan Blyhte, there is the message said
“Blythe TM Kenner Products Cincincatti, Ohio 1972 General Mills Fun Group Incorporated Patents Pending Made in Hong Kong” which were 6 lines. On the other hand there were 7 lines in the back side of the Kenner Blythe. AiAi Chan Blythe's outfits and packing were completely re-designed. AiAi Chan were not popular because of the same reason with Kenner Blythe in the U.S. Many children were afraid of her eyes. Surprisingly,nowadays AiAi Chan is extremely hard to find and the price is very very expensive.


Aiai Chan

AiAi Chan : the original Japanese Blythe

AiAi Chan: Blythethailand

Friday, January 30, 2009

Blythe with collection cards

Here are the 26 Versions of Blythe that have the collection cards with the letter (A-Z)

A: Rosie Red Encore
B:Honey Bunny Once more
C: CWC Limited Edition “Strawberry Mille-feuille”
D: Night Flower
E: CWC Limited Edition “Darling Diva”
F: CWC Limited Edition “Last Kiss”
G: Star Dancer
H: CWC Limited Edition “ Yukinonamidahima”
I: Toys R Us Limited Edition “Ichigo Heaven”
J: Feel the Sky
K: CWC Limited Edition “Ultimate Tour”
L: Tailor Gibson
M: Rainy day Parade
N: CWC Limited Edition “Gentle River”
O: My best friend
P: Save the animal
Q: Hello Harvest
R:Dainty Biscuit
S: Toys R Us Limited Edition “Cloud 9 Bowl
T: CWC Limited Edition “Mrs. Retro Mama”
U: Enchanted Petal
V : Angeliga Eve
W : Mod Molly
X : CWC Limited Edition “Odekake Kimono Musume”
Y : Welcome Winter
Z : Natasha Moore