Saturday, February 14, 2009

Petite Blythe

Petite Blythe:
Many people have the idea of Neo Blythe, what does she look like, but have you every heard about “Petite Blythe''? Let me give you some background of what is Petite Blythe.
Petite Blythe was produced in June 2002, which is the first year Anniversary of CWC and Takara produced the first version of Neo Blythe (CWC Limited Edition: Parco limited).
The major difference between Neo Blythe and Petite Blythe are size and eyes. The first difference is the size of the body. Neo Blythe is 22 inches whereas Petite Blythe is only 4 inches. Another difference between Neo Blythe and Petite Blythe is that Petite Blythe has only one eyes color, but Neo Blythe has four eyes colors, which can be changed by pulling the drawstring in the back of Blythe’s head. (BlytheThailand)

The first version of Petite Blythe was produced and sold in 2002, which was PBL Kozy Kape Inspired. There were 15 versions of Petite Blythe lunched at the time. These versions of Petite Blythe cannot close her eyes and cannot pose or do any gestures. I would say that this version of Petite Blythe was produced to be used as a key chain. In 2003, CWC introduced the new versions of Petite Blythe, which can pose and close their eyes. The first model of this new version was Holly wood Returns. There are joints on her arms and legs, which can help her to do some pose. In 2004, the perfect Petite Blythe was introduced in the market. This new versions are better than the earlier versions in term of the body and eyes. The most popular models are Perfect Rosie Red, Perfect Preisley Star and Perfect Asia Butterfly. In 2006, the new version of Petite Blythe, which was produced in this year, can change their shoes, such as Alps Letter and Skate Date Returns.


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