Friday, January 30, 2009

Blythe with collection cards

Here are the 26 Versions of Blythe that have the collection cards with the letter (A-Z)

A: Rosie Red Encore
B:Honey Bunny Once more
C: CWC Limited Edition “Strawberry Mille-feuille”
D: Night Flower
E: CWC Limited Edition “Darling Diva”
F: CWC Limited Edition “Last Kiss”
G: Star Dancer
H: CWC Limited Edition “ Yukinonamidahima”
I: Toys R Us Limited Edition “Ichigo Heaven”
J: Feel the Sky
K: CWC Limited Edition “Ultimate Tour”
L: Tailor Gibson
M: Rainy day Parade
N: CWC Limited Edition “Gentle River”
O: My best friend
P: Save the animal
Q: Hello Harvest
R:Dainty Biscuit
S: Toys R Us Limited Edition “Cloud 9 Bowl
T: CWC Limited Edition “Mrs. Retro Mama”
U: Enchanted Petal
V : Angeliga Eve
W : Mod Molly
X : CWC Limited Edition “Odekake Kimono Musume”
Y : Welcome Winter
Z : Natasha Moore


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Collection Cards

When you buy your Blythe, have you ever realized that there is a collection card included in the box? Have you ever been curious that some versions of Blythe have the collection card included in the box but some versions don’t have a collection card? And some cards have a letter (A-Z) but some have only the picture of the Blythe? So, if you want the collection card, how do you know which version of Blythe has the collection.
Here is the easiest way to check that the collection card is included in the box or not. Mostly, you can check on the detail on the box. For example, Neo Blythe “Enchanted Petal” has an information about what is included in the set such as “The set includes: Doll (Superior),stand, cape, boots, skirt, apron, blouses, dress, bracelet, bloomers and collection card.” Luckily, there is a letter “U” on the collection card.
Why I said you are lucky? Because not every card has a letter. If you want to collect the collection card with the letter, you need to buy a Blythe doll which was produced before year 2006, for example, Pow Wow Poncho. The new version of Blythe dolls since 2006, have no details about the collection card. For instance, the Neo-Blythe “Natasha Moore” details that appears on the box are “The set includes: Doll, coat, dress, tights, gloves, bloomers, necklace, earrings, bag, sunglasses, shoes, head accessory and stand". As you can see there is no detail about the collection card but once you buy this version, you will find the card which is included in the set.


Friday, January 23, 2009

The newest version : "Doronjo x Blythe"

Her is the newest version of Blythe " Doronjo Blythe" .She was inspired by the action movie "Yatterman", Doronjo x Blythe. Her custome is based on Doronjo's costume from the movie. She looks beautiful and different from any other versions. There are black body suit, that fit her body. She has iconic mask with pointed ears and long cloak will also include in the box. She also has a shot leather boots and can also be used as knee high boots. In addition, "Doronjo glasses" will come with the set.

She got very nice hair color, which is a mixture of two yellowish blonde. Her hair is side-parted and straight long hair. Moreover, her eyes chips are dark green, brown, light blue and vivid pink. They are all special color. For the vivid pink eyes chips there is a heart shape hologram inside. I believe that all of her accessories and eyes chips will let her become a special version. Many Blythe collector will buy her. The price is now 16, 590 Yen or around 187.35 dollars , not including the shipping. She will be in the store in February 09


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first Blythe: Heart of Montmartre (HOM)

Here is my first Blythe her official name is Heart of Montmartre (HoM). She first introduced in April 2008 and the price was 16,590 yen (Tax included) or around 185 US dollars blytheworld This version is so special because she is one of the limited edition, 3000 dolls. her face types is radiance Skin. She has natural make up. The color of her eyes are blue, black,right green and yellow. But the most I like about her is her hair color. it is the mixture of pink and light brow. And her natual eyes lashes is special, which is her eyelashes is the longest if compare with other

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some tips for buying Blythe

Where I can buy Blythe and How? This is the question when I came here (the US). I have found that blythe lovers purchase their dolls through a variety of on line retailers, such as E-Bay, Amazon..etc

There are many things that you need to keep in mind:
1.Are you buying a petite doll or Neo Blythe doll?
2. Petite dolls are about $40 to $60 and up, it depends on the version.
3.For Neo Blythe (12") or the regular sized , the price is $100 to $500 and up range, it depends on the version.
4.Check a shipping cost, because online purchase may not include the shipping.
5.You need to be sure that which version of Blythe that you want. there are many version, such as Rosie Red, All Gold In One, Kozy Kape,Aztec Arrival, Sunday Best, Dottie Dot, Miss Anniversary, Bohemian Beat, Asian Butterfly, Piccadilly Dolly, Skate Date, Rouge Noir, Excellent Hollywood, Cherry Berry, Cinnamon Girl, Tea for Two, Disco Boogie, Love Mission, Bohemian Beat and Fruit Punch just to name a few!
6.Buy different items from each sellers, maybe you can save for the shipping.
7. Avoid buying from bad sellers by reading their rating.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The resson why I love blythe..

I first saw Blythe in the Books, named Love my Blythe. I was very curious about this dolls. She looked lovely and curiously at the same time. (NEO) Blythe have colored changing eyes, which include blue, green, yellow and pink. It was interesting to me. Barbie cannot change her eyes.

I went back home and tried to search more on Blythe doll. I found many pictures of her. There are many versions of Blythe which is released almost every two months. Each version has their own style, such as make up, hair style, clothes and accessories.

Moreover, Blythe can be customized by the owner, such as change eyes clips, do the new make up, change the hair style and sew some clothes. Moreover, today many hobbists also take pictures of their Blythe in a variety of settings, showing their sewing and customization skill. Blythe is stylish,smart and sophisticated, and reflecting the dream of her owners.

The history of Blythe :

Original Blythe was manufactures by Kenner and designed by Marvin glass & Association in 1972. Ten years later after Marvin Glass death, Kenner was brought out by Tonka Toys. In the mid 1980s Tonka Toys was bought out by Hasbro.

At the first introducing of Blythe in 1972, it was not very successful because most kids were afraid of the large eyes which can change from green to pink to blue and to orange by pulling the drawstring at the back of Blythe’s head. Therefore, Blythe was out of the market after one year because of her scary big eyes.

Then in 1997, a friend of Gina Garan introduced Blythe to her. Gina Garan works as video and TV producer. She brought one of her Blythe to wherever she went on her travel and took many photos. In December 1999, Gina showed her photos to Junko Wong at the opening of exhibition for CWC international artists in New York. Junko took these photos and made a visual model for her printed media for the next summer.

This is Blythe photos, by Gina Garan, was published in 2000. There were many campaigns that used Blythe as the presenter. There were commercial and print Media. Blythe become popular. Many people know about Blythe. The price of Blythe jumped up form $35 to $ 350 on EBay or even in Japan Auction.

In June 2001, Neo Blythe was produced by CWC and manufactured by Takara come in the market at the same time with a photo exhibition by Gina Garan. She came to join the launch of Neo-blythe in Japan.

Blythe becomes popular not only in Japan, but also in Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea.