Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Collection Cards

When you buy your Blythe, have you ever realized that there is a collection card included in the box? Have you ever been curious that some versions of Blythe have the collection card included in the box but some versions don’t have a collection card? And some cards have a letter (A-Z) but some have only the picture of the Blythe? So, if you want the collection card, how do you know which version of Blythe has the collection.
Here is the easiest way to check that the collection card is included in the box or not. Mostly, you can check on the detail on the box. For example, Neo Blythe “Enchanted Petal” has an information about what is included in the set such as “The set includes: Doll (Superior),stand, cape, boots, skirt, apron, blouses, dress, bracelet, bloomers and collection card.” Luckily, there is a letter “U” on the collection card.
Why I said you are lucky? Because not every card has a letter. If you want to collect the collection card with the letter, you need to buy a Blythe doll which was produced before year 2006, for example, Pow Wow Poncho. The new version of Blythe dolls since 2006, have no details about the collection card. For instance, the Neo-Blythe “Natasha Moore” details that appears on the box are “The set includes: Doll, coat, dress, tights, gloves, bloomers, necklace, earrings, bag, sunglasses, shoes, head accessory and stand". As you can see there is no detail about the collection card but once you buy this version, you will find the card which is included in the set.


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