Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The resson why I love blythe..

I first saw Blythe in the Books, named Love my Blythe. I was very curious about this dolls. She looked lovely and curiously at the same time. (NEO) Blythe have colored changing eyes, which include blue, green, yellow and pink. It was interesting to me. Barbie cannot change her eyes.

I went back home and tried to search more on Blythe doll. I found many pictures of her. There are many versions of Blythe which is released almost every two months. Each version has their own style, such as make up, hair style, clothes and accessories.

Moreover, Blythe can be customized by the owner, such as change eyes clips, do the new make up, change the hair style and sew some clothes. Moreover, today many hobbists also take pictures of their Blythe in a variety of settings, showing their sewing and customization skill. Blythe is stylish,smart and sophisticated, and reflecting the dream of her owners.

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  1. I only just got my 1st and like you I had seen them on many knitting blogs and was curious I took a while to research and then could not choose which type.(2 years)
    But then I just decided to go with an Aston drake as Gina site was very cool. So Kozy Kape 1972 good year I'm a 73.......blythe 2 now on order Cappuccino chat neo blythe.....hooked;-)