Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some tips for buying Blythe

Where I can buy Blythe and How? This is the question when I came here (the US). I have found that blythe lovers purchase their dolls through a variety of on line retailers, such as E-Bay, Amazon..etc

There are many things that you need to keep in mind:
1.Are you buying a petite doll or Neo Blythe doll?
2. Petite dolls are about $40 to $60 and up, it depends on the version.
3.For Neo Blythe (12") or the regular sized , the price is $100 to $500 and up range, it depends on the version.
4.Check a shipping cost, because online purchase may not include the shipping.
5.You need to be sure that which version of Blythe that you want. there are many version, such as Rosie Red, All Gold In One, Kozy Kape,Aztec Arrival, Sunday Best, Dottie Dot, Miss Anniversary, Bohemian Beat, Asian Butterfly, Piccadilly Dolly, Skate Date, Rouge Noir, Excellent Hollywood, Cherry Berry, Cinnamon Girl, Tea for Two, Disco Boogie, Love Mission, Bohemian Beat and Fruit Punch just to name a few!
6.Buy different items from each sellers, maybe you can save for the shipping.
7. Avoid buying from bad sellers by reading their rating.


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