Friday, January 23, 2009

The newest version : "Doronjo x Blythe"

Her is the newest version of Blythe " Doronjo Blythe" .She was inspired by the action movie "Yatterman", Doronjo x Blythe. Her custome is based on Doronjo's costume from the movie. She looks beautiful and different from any other versions. There are black body suit, that fit her body. She has iconic mask with pointed ears and long cloak will also include in the box. She also has a shot leather boots and can also be used as knee high boots. In addition, "Doronjo glasses" will come with the set.

She got very nice hair color, which is a mixture of two yellowish blonde. Her hair is side-parted and straight long hair. Moreover, her eyes chips are dark green, brown, light blue and vivid pink. They are all special color. For the vivid pink eyes chips there is a heart shape hologram inside. I believe that all of her accessories and eyes chips will let her become a special version. Many Blythe collector will buy her. The price is now 16, 590 Yen or around 187.35 dollars , not including the shipping. She will be in the store in February 09


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