Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The history of Blythe :

Original Blythe was manufactures by Kenner and designed by Marvin glass & Association in 1972. Ten years later after Marvin Glass death, Kenner was brought out by Tonka Toys. In the mid 1980s Tonka Toys was bought out by Hasbro.

At the first introducing of Blythe in 1972, it was not very successful because most kids were afraid of the large eyes which can change from green to pink to blue and to orange by pulling the drawstring at the back of Blythe’s head. Therefore, Blythe was out of the market after one year because of her scary big eyes.

Then in 1997, a friend of Gina Garan introduced Blythe to her. Gina Garan works as video and TV producer. She brought one of her Blythe to wherever she went on her travel and took many photos. In December 1999, Gina showed her photos to Junko Wong at the opening of exhibition for CWC international artists in New York. Junko took these photos and made a visual model for her printed media for the next summer.

This is Blythe photos, by Gina Garan, was published in 2000. There were many campaigns that used Blythe as the presenter. There were commercial and print Media. Blythe become popular. Many people know about Blythe. The price of Blythe jumped up form $35 to $ 350 on EBay or even in Japan Auction.

In June 2001, Neo Blythe was produced by CWC and manufactured by Takara come in the market at the same time with a photo exhibition by Gina Garan. She came to join the launch of Neo-blythe in Japan.

Blythe becomes popular not only in Japan, but also in Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea.


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