Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mitten by Blyhte

Mitten by Blythe: Anya Blythe and Mitten Puppy
I found something very interesting in this version of Blythe. Normally, Neo Blythe dolls and Petite Blythe dolls are sold separately from each others. For this version (Mitten by Blythe), when you buy Mitten Blythe (Neo Blythe) you will automatically get the Petite Blythe (named Mitten Puppy). This version is the only version that sells both Neo Blythe (Anya Blythe) together with Petite Blythe (Mitten Puppy)

CWC Limited Edition: Mitten by Blythe is the Limited edition. Only 3000 dolls were produced. It was designed by Mitten and CWC. It was released to the market in November 2004. You cannot find this version in the store because the only way you can get this doll is buying a draw ticket. The price of this version is between 570 to 715 USD.

The Character of Mitten by Blythe came from the Russia Animation, which is called Mitten. Mitten was directed by Roman Kachanov. Anya is the main character. She wants to have a puppy. The story creates the warm feeling to the audiences. It is the classic story. Anya Blythe has the same clothes as in the story. She has a blue hood, a gray coat, a red stretch pants and a red mitten. She has soft make up with the red cheek, and blonde hair.
In the box there is a Russian traditional costume, including a pink coat, a fur hat. She has special eye color which is deep blue. Petite Blythe Mitten Puppy is Anya’s imaginary pet. She has a red dress, black hair, and deep blue eyes. Moreover, she also has a Russia traditional costume, including coat and hat similar to Anya Blythe. There is a black puppy with white ears in the box. Mitten by Blythe is considered as the special and expensive version that is very hard to find. I think I should buy one and resell it in the future because I believe that the price will be higher in the future.


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